Editing Services




Ready to take your manuscript to a new level? Just like you, I’m interested in the results. I want to see your work published by a great press. With my experience as a writer and editor, we’ll work together to make it hard for an editor to stop reading your manuscript.  

Editing services include:

· Ensuring you have three dimensional characters we care about.

· Character dynamics and arcs which tug at our heart.

· Character relationships. 

· Does it have a powerful voice?

· Is your fiction multi-layered?

· Do we have a believable world?

· Refining each scene of every chapter.

· Refining each act of the story.

· Structure and plot.

· Pace.

· Enhancing suspense/horror scenes and elements.

· Prose itself.

· Is your writing clean?

· Using active voice effectively. 

· Two Skype video sessions covering any questions or concerns you may have regarding the edit.

All rates are 0.01 cent a word USD. Payment via PayPal. 

Sign up by contacting me at: beneadsfiction@gmail.com 


“Ben Eads is an extraordinary editor. He goes above and beyond to take a good manuscript and make it great. Ben has a keen eye for the things that serve both the story and the reader. From the basics of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, to the complexities of passive voice, plot flaws, and shifting point-of-view, he will drive you to be your best. He works fast, his fess are more than reasonable, and his feedback is concise, detailed, and invaluable. I've used him on several projects, and he has my highest recommendation.” --Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Haven.

"Insightful, considered, and affordable critique from a respected industry professional. Recommended." -- Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker nominee and author of Into the Mist.

"Ben Eads has such a great eye for important details. Whether its finding ways to strengthen a story through your character’s arc, to solidify the middle with believable tension or to create a more powerful ending, Ben always finds the strengths in your story and suggests ways to make it even more impactful. When trying to pinpoint what’s not working and finding ways to make your writing shine, Ben’s insights are always spot-on." -- Mary Rajotte, Author of nightmarish tales. 

“Ben is an editor who cares about the work, wants the writing to succeed, and will go that extra mile to push you to create better work.” — Kenneth W. Cain, author of A Season in Hell and Darker Days.