Tales From The Lake Volume: 2 Announcement!

Friends, it’s an honor to share the pages with these amazing people. Crystal Lake Publications is on a roll!


“Update on the Tales From the Lake Vol.2 anthology, due 2015.

Invites are still going out, waiting for a few replies. 

I’m very excited to share the current TOC of Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Rocky Alexander, Jim Goforth, Glen Johnson, Raven Dane, Hal Bodner, Steven Saville, Mark West, Rena Mason and Ben Eads. 

Feel free to recommend other authors (not yourself) to expand the list, as there are a few more spots open. 

*EDIT: If anyone’s interested in joining this TOC, keep your eye out for the writing competition. Three finalists will make it into this book” -Joe Mynhardt


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