Review of Martuk the Holy: Proseuche (Volume 2)

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source Author Jonathan Winn ups the ante with this epic dark fantasy sequel that continues to span the ages. Proseuche does what a sequel should: it creatively expands every facet of the tale, yet does not merely exploit the success of the first book. It definitely stands on its own, and brings more depth, more emotions to the fore, enriching the overall arch. History is written by the winners, but that’s not the case here. Martuk knows all too well that the truth doesn’t set you free, it makes you free. Prepare to have your imagination stretched in this new and fresh take on humanity and what lurks behind the curtain we call reality.

prezzo levitra originale Martuk—one of the most flawed, tragic, and complex characters to hit the page—is still trying to make sense of his life, whilst seeking refuge from his past: a shadow he still wears like a wet coat. Winn does an excellent job of exploring this next book in a non-linear fashion while breaking free from genre conventions.

go to link Winn doesn’t follow the usual route of most epic sagas. He doesn’t do it for the sake of controversy. In fact, the only controversy we find are the dilemmas that plague us all: what does it mean to be human? How much pain and love can one endure? Is there a light on at the end of this dark tunnel called life?

viagra prezzo farmacia italia Rest assured, Martuk has much to celebrate, especially after making a new friend. A true friend. And through this friendship, Martuk weaves his tale, his spell, in a fashion anyone who loves epic dark fantasy will instantly fall in love with. Amidst a sea of modernity, Proseuche is a breath of fresh air, and will leave you upset the next book isn’t available yet. Trust me, folks, Winn is an author to keep an eye on. Filled with characters that pop off the page, and their struggles tugging at our heart-strings, Proseuche shows how well and alive “epic fiction” is, and we’re all the richer for it.


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