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“This guy knows his horror, and pulls off the deft trick of utilizing genre conventions while simultaneously adding his own unique twists to the mix. Get in on the ground floor of Eads’ work, folks. His career is destined to be a long one.” — Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker © Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, Kin, and Jack & Jill.
“Do yourself a favor, put BEN EADS up on your fridge, underline the name, then buy everything he writes. The quality of his writing is first rate.” — Gene O’Neill, THE CAL WILD CHRONICLES, AT THE LAZY K
“Eads created a sick and dark dream world. Reading it was like visiting the most twisted of Wonderlands. Eads’ other world is genuinely horrifying, and even more disturbing than Joe Hill’s Christmasland. That’s truly a messed up and lovely thing to see.” — Mercedes M. Yardley, author of The Bone Angel Trilogy and Pretty Little Dead Girls.
“Taking some inspiration from King but very much his own writer, Eads brings the reader a compelling story of a family torn apart by events beyond their control.” — James Everington, This is Horror
“The first half of the story reminded me of early Gary Braunbeck, then the second delves into some serious dark fantasy and even bizarro territory (despite NOT being a bizarro novella).” Nick Cato – The Horror Fiction
“Everyone handles grief in their own way, and if the person we all look upon to hold things together is allowing despair to alter his hold on reality, what chance do the ones affected have? This is what the damaged Shelley and Stephen’s brother Josh have to face. Do you discard the possibly deluded hero as having gone over the edge, or do you stake your own sanity on his?”
“Ben Eads’ debut as an author is a powerful work that combines a chilling sense of cosmic horror with the sorrow of personal tragedy. My eyes welled up with tears at various points, and no, I wasn’t eating onions with my sandwich while reading! There’s genuine emotion in this well-crafted tale. I’ve noticed that some of the other reviews have compared Eads’ style to Stephen King, but I would say that Eads’ actually offers a *more defined/sympathetic* sense of character development. So watch out, King — Eads is coming up fast! 🙂 I look forward to seeing what Eads comes up with next!” –Bram Stoker Award © Winning author Mark McLaughlin.
“Cracked Sky is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys an action-packed tale of mystery and horror, nicely seasoned with generous doses of the bizarre and the grotesque. It’s easy to get pleasantly lost in the labyrith of this insane tale of death, the uncanny, and revenge. But don’t worry!— Ben Eads will lead you to the other side.” K. A. Opperman, author of The Crimson Tome.
“Ben Eads succeeded at putting down on paper the emotional loss a parent would go through losing a child, and then proceeds to creep you out. Cracked Sky is definitely a book I would suggest to others looking for an emotional roller coaster of a read. Spooky and heart wrenching.”
Reeling from the loss of their only child, Stephen and Shelley Morrison learn that her killer has been found dead. What they don’t know is that his agenda goes far deeper than the grave. Beyond the storm, beyond the crack in the sky—where their daughter is trapped with The Lost Ones—something is using Stephen and Shelley’s agony to fulfill its goals: Terrorize. Consume. Destroy.

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